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Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering

  • About the Association: SEIZE is an association of students of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering Department, established in the year 2016-17. Formerly the association name was ITSA (Instrumentation Technology Students' Association). The SEIZE has come into existence with a logo selection through competition in the year 2015. The new logo of SEIZE depicts the overall personality development through "Zeal Enforcement" to make competent and potential engineering graduates. This association is formed to bring the students on a common platform to share ideas, experiences, and knowledge. It thoroughly supports communication skills, managerial abilities, presentation skills, and team work through extra and co-curricular activities.

    Objectives of SEIZE:
    1. To promote the interaction between students, faculty, staff and the outside world.
    2. To enforce the interests of students in various technical areas.
    3. To encourage students of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering Department.
    4. To develop their personal skills, thereby, to enhance their inner personality.
    5. To enhance team spirit and ethics among the students.

    Faculty Coordinators for the academic year 2021-2022 : Smt. Poorna B. Bhagawati